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Here are things to do and recommendations for great restaurants in Beach Haven and Long Beach Island for your Jersey Shore vacation at the Island Guest House Bed and Breakfast Inn. Almost all are within a short walk. No need to worry about parking your car or traffic! 

Sand, Surf and Flipflops...The beach is what you are really here for!

9 Houses to the left...leave your sandals at the entrance to the dune and enter 18 miles of some of the best beaches in New Jersey. Powdery white sand, shimmery blue water, a kaleidoscope of multicolored beach umbrellas.  Relax, swim, suntan, surf, boogie board, read, or get an ice cream from the vendor.  Or do absolutely NOTHING!

  Water Sports on the Bay

Fishing and Crabbing...

Grab our traps and walk over to the bay at the end of Center Street and go crabbing or drop in a line if
fishing is for you. The Miss Beach Haven Party Boat departs daily right down the road!


Jet Skiing
... Beach Haven Parasailing has it all. 


 Kayaking ..Walk to Faria's a few blocks north, or 2 blocks south to rent




Parasailing...a few minutes drive to Beach Haven Parasailing and watersports will get you set up. 




Boat Rentals ..Walk down to Polly's Dock on the Bay 3 blocks, and rent a small boat for a ride or fishing in the bay.

Sailing ..Island Surf and Sail

Kite-surfing, Windsurfing, stand up paddle, Island surf and sale,  drive up to Brant Beach it seems to be all encompassingl



Mini Golfing.. There are 4 miniature golf putting locations within walking distance.  Mr T's has a second location about 15 blocks north. 

Water Park.. Walk 4 blocks to Thundering Surf which has 8 slides, a lazy crazy river, little kids' squirt works, and a surfing deck just like the big cruise lines.

Amusement Park.. Fantasy Island Amusement park is next door to Thundering Surf and has arcades, rides, food and games in a carnival like setting.  There is a huge indoor arcade there also. 

Movies.. Free movie  night is Monday for kids, Tuesday for young adults and all ages.  Right next door at the Island Baptist Church!

Arcades.. Are all around town, as are the ice cream parlors and mini golf.  Good old fashioned fun at the Shore! 

Pirate Boat.. Pirate Adventures is down at the end of Dock road, 5 to 7 minutes to walk on the Bay.  Bring the kiddies!  A "Real " Pirate ship will sail you around the Bay!  Lot of Fun!



Arts and Culture

Beach Haven Museum.. Walk 3 blocks to Engleside Ave and check for the times that this historic Museum is open.  Optional Small donation requested.

Bed and Breakfast Tour.. We are on Tuesday's Tour, so you can enjoy hearing about our history by either myself or Mark while sitting on our front porch sipping lemonade.  To see all of the B&B's on the tour, go to the Beach haven Museum on Tuesday or Thursday at 9am and sign up for their walking tour.   An Optional Small donation requested.

Surflight Theatre.. 3 blocks to Engleside Ave.  Broadway at the Beach..Summerstock Broadway shows most evenings. Children's shows also.   Well worth it. Very Affordable

Maritime Museum.. Walk over to the Bay on Dock road and see Deb's fabulous new museum.  She also is the wedding officiant of note, past mayor, and sparkling personality.  Optional Small donation requested.

Wednesday night Concerts at the Park.. Bring a lawn chair (bring one of ours! ) and stroll down 2 blocks to Bicentennial Park on a Wednesday night for their popular concerts on the green.  50's to big band to country to popular, all will enjoy!  It is Free!





Ten Amazing Restaurants in Beach Haven, NJ


Beach Haven is a mecca for great restaurants and casual eateries, most local business owners using the freshest produce and ingredients.  They are almost all wonderful, and I wish I could pick them all.  What makes an amazing restaurant?  It is different for everyone, but below are the ones that our guests love!  All but two are within walking distance, all are either BYOB or serve alcohol. It is nice that you can enjoy a glass of wine or a drink and not have to worry about driving.


Carmen's Unique Beach Cuisine

122 Bay Ave, Beach Haven

(609) 848-9650

BYOB a plus.

We are so happy to be partnering with Carmens this year.  Joanne and Peter just stood out in the crowd to us.  Her effervescence is contagious.  They know how to make a customer feel special, which is not always the case in a busy resort town restaurant.  When they invited us for a complimentary dinner so we could first hand see if they were someone we would recommend to our guests, we knew that we would!  

You can get a package combining accommodations to The Island Guest House and dinner at Carmen's on our "Packages" page, and we will have your reservations all set for you!  If you would like to know how to receive a complimentary dinner at Carmen's Unique Beach Cuisine, click on our "Specials and Promotions" page.

Outside Seating? No

Pet friendly?  No

Buckalew's Restaurant and Tavern

101 N Bay Ave

Beach Haven, NJ 


Open 11am to Midnight

We chose Buckalew's for several reasons.  First, they are open late. When our guests arrive in the evening they ask for a close place to just walk out and get a drink and something to eat.  The sports bar side has booths, TV's, great music many nights, and a bar menu and if the kitchen is open. you can order anything from the regular menu.  The more formal restaurant side had great sushi amongst many other items, like steak, seafood, etc.

Secondly it is open every day, and has porch seating.  

Outside Seating? Yes

Pet friendly?  Since the porch is small, when it is crowded, it is too tight for large dogs.  But they have a bike rack right next to the porch that dogs can be tied up at so they are very close to their owners.   If you feel your dog would be ok with that, they are welcome.  

Black Whale Bar and Fish House

100 N Pennsylvania Ave

Beach Haven, NJ

(609) 492-0025

Open 3 - 10pm

Go get great seafood and a drink here. A five minute walk from The Island Guest House.  They use brown paper on the tables, fresh with each guest, and write their name as server on it.  It has a casual atmosphere, but it is a really good restaurant. I love the Oyster crackers in the bowl with the horseradish to put on top!

Outside Seating? No

Pet Friendly?  No

Barry's Do Me A Flavor

309 Centre Street

Beach Haven, NJ

(609) 492-8259

Even though this is the place I recommend to get ice cream, Barry's has excellent food also! Lots of indoor and outdoor seating. Our favorites are Chicken Parmesan, pot roast special on Fridays, and fish tacos.  They serve everything in either baskets or the round tin foil containers that you can put a lid on when you leave, so it is nicely casual. Just a few minute walk and not a long wait. 

Outside seating?  Yes

Dog friendly? Yes

Beach Haven Fishery

2115 Long Beach Blvd

Spray Beach, NJ

11am to 9pm

This is a great place to go pick up some of the freshest seafood and bring it back to the Inn to eat in the garden.  You can also eat at the picnic tables outside.  

Outside seating? Yes

Dog Friendly? Yes

Casual Eateries

Pearl Street Market

229 Pearl St

Beach Haven, NJ


Open 6am - 8pm

I love Pearl Street Market for several reasons.  First, they welcome dogs at their outside seating area.  We are dog friendly in part of The Island Guest House.  We are always looking for ways that guests can have their dog with them, since they are members of their family too!  It is a nice walk past the big Bicentennial Park, that is dog friendly also, so Fido can run around a bit and take care of business.  Then another 5 minutes down to Pearl Street.  Either sit with your dog for great sandwiches and wraps, or browse around in the store area for great cheeses and spreads to bring back to The Island Guest House.  People love to enjoy drinks and snacks in our garden at the umbrella tables, and dogs are welcome to visit too.   They are open early too for that morning walk.

Outside seating? Yes

Pet friendly? Yes outside

The Woo Hoo

211 S Bay Ave

Beach Haven, NJ

Just a short walk to this bright and new addition to the center of Beach Haven. Lots of brightly colored picnic tables, and they offer takeout so you can bring back your selection to eat in our garden if you wish. I has been awhile since anyone has had this place open, and it is good to see a place here where yo can still walk right up to the window and order.  Give the WooHoo a chance to become a favorite.

Outside Seating?  Yes

Dog Friendly? Yes outside

Chicken or the Egg

207 N Bay Ave

Beach Haven, NJ 

(609) 492-FOWL

The Chicken or the Egg is just an Island tradition.  If We were open April 15 we would have an email called "Celebrate first Chegg!" (It's nickname).  People flock to the island the day the Chegg opens on April 15 each year. Then it is always open.  Really always open - 24 hours per day through October.  Literally right around the corner, bring your 6 pack and plan on ordering their wings, they are in making TV famous!  You can order take out and pick it up in a minute and come back to eat in our garden...much less crowded.

Outside seating?  No

Pet friendly? No

Slice of Heaven Pizza

610 N. Bay Ave

Beach Haven, NJ

(609) 492-PIES

Amazing pizza.  Really one could just stop there.  For 20 years we have enjoyed wonderful New York style pizza compliments of Anthony and Dominic.  I am in love with their sauce!   Mark loves the subs and cheesesteaks, and the real onion rings.  Right in the heart of town about 5 minutes walk, or three small blocks next to Fantasy Island amusement park.

Open every day 11am to 10pm

Outside seating? Yes

Dog friendly?  Yes outside

Living in the Veg.

2513 S. long Beach Blvd

Long Beach Township, NJ

(609) 492-4066

At 23 short blocks, you can take one of the bikes rather than walk BUT since we cater to many people who are health conscious and serve healthy conscious choices for our Breakfast here at the B&B, we include it since it is a popular choice with many of our guests   Also it is right next to Island Wellness' yoga class.  Vegetarian and vegan that is GREAT  Is what is unanimously said.  Juice bar.

Outside seating?  Yes

Pet friendly? Ye





You can walk to all these too!  

·        Craft Fairs in Bicentennial Park, just a few blocks away walk 

 There is so much shopping within walking distance… it totals over 100 stores! 

·        Shop at Consignment shops such as Coastal Consignment

·        Finding Beach necessities at Silver Sun 

·        Hunting down that perfect designer dress or shoes at Run for Cover  

·        Finding handmade jewelry

·        perfumes or bags

·        Souvenirs at Bay Village and Schooner's Wharf

·        Even a Christmas ornament at Under the Mistletoe or December 25

·        Treat for your pet at the Labrador Store     

       Artifacts - Artsy local made products, wine and design classes, refinished furniture, chalk paint 


·        Oh, and make sure you stop at "Hands" old fashion 5 and 10 that has everything! 




Bird Sanctuary

Bed and Breakfast Tour in Beach Haven

See spectacular sunrises and sunsets just a few steps away. 


Right Here in the Inn

Movie Nights in the Sea Glass room 



Bike Rentals


Pickleball played right here in Beach Haven, 6 days a week!

Also nearby:  

  • Atlantic City, Historic Smithville and Renault Winery,
  • Great Adventure Theme Park (within an hour's drive)